Criminal Defense And Firearms Law In Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Kirchner Law Office, S.C.

Criminal Defense And Firearms Law In Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Experienced Defense

No two cases in criminal defense are exactly the same. The facts of each case are different, the people involved are different, the jury is different and the law often changes over time. However, an experienced lawyer who has represented many clients in many cases has insight into how the law will apply to a new set of facts and a greater understanding of the strategies and procedures that can best help clients defend their rights.

Kirchner Law Office, S.C., in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, provides experienced, professional representation for people in criminal defense and firearms law.

Attorney Barbara Kirchner has been representing clients for more than 25 years and has helped hundreds of clients defend their rights and protect their futures from the long-term damages criminal charges can bring.

Born and raised in Sheboygan County, she has deep roots in the community and a deep commitment to protecting her clients.

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Criminal Defense

We defend the rights of people accused of crimes in cases involving issues such as:

When you have been accused of a crime, you need a professional on your side to watch out for your interests, advise you on your options and represent you before the court. When you are our client, we will learn about your case, speak to you at length about your legal options and give you honest advice, drawing on our years of experience. We will fight for your future aggressively, but professionally and with intelligence and skill.

Firearms Law

Firearms laws interact with other laws in confusing ways. Many otherwise responsible gun owners have had permits or other privileges suspended after they have pleaded to unrelated charges, or after they have been suspected of other crimes. You do have rights in these situations, but you need to know how to defend them smartly and effectively.

We help responsible gun owners through these legally tricky cases, defending their rights. These situations become much harder to resolve with any repeat offense, so it is crucial to get it right the first time.

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