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Criminal Defense And Firearms Law In Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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Pay Attention! I’m only going to write this down once! I’m going to give you my account of how the Kirchner Law Firm won my case – The Reader’s Digest version.

I’m now facing an OWI conviction. During my arrest, I felt I was treated unfairly with some of my legal rights being stepped on. I needed to talk to an attorney! That’s where Kirchner Law Firm comes into play. They listened with concern to my ordeal and gave me the peace of mind I needed.

They did their homework research and left no stone unturned. Finding discrepancies, one after another.

Judgement day – One, Two, Three “Case dismissed”. (Bang) “Next case”. My advice is this: You look into the courtroom with the Kirchner Law Firm and you’re letting them know that you mean business.

– KLO #2973

I couldn’t be happier with my representation from Kirchner Law Office S.C. Attorney Kirchner was very understanding, sensitive, and responsive to my needs. I was constantly kept up-to-date by Attorney Kirchner and staff about the progress in my case via email, which saved me money on my bill, and got my case resolved quicker as there was no delay in communications on either side.

I found Attorney Kirchner to be very knowledgeable, honest, and practical, which I have not found in other attorneys that I have had experiences with. Given the serious nature of my legal issues, having a good attorney whom you can trust made all the difference. In the end, I found my experiences with Kirchner Law Office S.C. to be very satisfying and would trust them to handle my legal needs of any nature in the future.

– KLO #2550

You leave me little lost for words. I knew you were meticulous and well organized, but I didn’t expect to see the full force of your skill in court. Especially since I’m an indigent client. Thank you for that.

As you Know, I haven’t had much luck with attorneys in the past; as result, I developed a deep mistrust which was quickly replaced with awe at the way you came out swinging. I thought that stuff only happened on T.V. Almost made me feel sorry for the ADA. Almost!

Again, Thank you, Barbara. Thank you for treating me like a millionaire client and defending me like a champion would. If there ever comes a time when you’re in a need of aid or assistance and my name crosses your mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Because of you, I’ll be home to celebrate my Mother’s birthday.

Take care of yourself, Barbara. Oh, and I appreciate the copies of the dismissal.

– KLO #3075

I was arrested for 3rd Degree S.A. charges then state public defender’s office send me a letter notifying me that Attorney Barbara Kirchner would take my case. I was denied two times due to the seriousness of the case. But Attorney Kirchner studied my case and we went to trial. Kirchner spoke with her knowledge and expertise. She managed to prove the truth of my case. I was pronounced not guilty by the jury. If you need someone to fight for you in court I recommend Attorney Kirchner.

– Kirchner Law Office
Experienced. Aggressive. Diligent

I would like to publicly say thank you for the representation you did on our case. You were not only a professional defending our legal rights, but you also gave us the information we needed after listening well to our story. Because of your experience and reputation, I could rest assured with confidence during this tough situation. You did everything possible to resolve the matter. The emails and text kept us informed. Today we claim victory with the settlement that provides the opportunity for positive next step in our lives, for that we say thank you, Barbara.

– Susan Ralls, 541-684-9888, Ref: # 14-3780